Our Bread

We take pride in our craft of naturally leavened sourdough breads and have curated a line-up of our favourite breads, available at various fine retailers in and near Guelph.  You'll find our Sesame Sourdough, SuperSeed, Country and Spelt Breads in most locations. Many other changeable and seasonal options are available at the bakery.

We use organically grown grains for all of our flours, much of it from tremendously cool local sources.  We now use organically grown Sunflower, Sesame and Flaxseeds, supporting dedicated to sustainable production throughout the chain, from farmer to miller to baker to YOU!

For us as bakers, one of the most exciting things about our newly expanded bakery is our new freedom to explore and flex our muscles creating enticing breads from throughout Europe as well as a few more of our own creations.  Over the coming years you will find an expanded repertoire of rye and other traditional grains as well as things Guelph has been longing for like Good Baguettes!  Can't wait!

Our Daily Bread

Every day you'll find: Sesame, Currant, Superseed, Country, Spelt and Walnut Spelt, and some kind of Raisin Bread!

We'll post a Regular and Dependable Bread Schedule here very soon!  Meantime please follow us on Instagram or Facebook for regular updates.

Sesame Sourdough

Sesame Sourdough: The everyday wholesome-but-not-heavy bread we built our reputation on.  Sifted and whole wheat flours, cracked rye, sea salt, culture, sesame seeds on top.

Country Bread

Country Bread: A classic French peasant levain.  Sifted and whole wheat flours, whole rye flour, sea salt, culture.


Superseed: One bread to rule them all; our bestselling bread.  Sifted and whole wheat flours, whole rye flour, toasted sunflower seeds, flaxseed, toasted sesame seeds, poppyseed, sea salt, culture.



Spelt:  Undoubtedly these ancient grains would make this the Pharoah's Phavourite!  Moist and earthy, the best way to start another great Guelph day!  Spelt flour, kamut flour, cracked rye, flaxseed, sea salt, culture.

Breads for the breadshare

This is where we get to have fun and push the possibilities of our craft!  We make one of these breads each week as an option for BreadShare members.  Now you know what you've been missing!


Seedy Viking Rye

Thompson Raisin Rye

Raisin Hazelnut Levain

Roasted Potato Bread

Kalamata Olive

Coriander-Caraway Confabulation

Crackled Corn Bread

Rosemary Bread

Farmhouse Rye

Crackled Corn Bread

St Paddy's Badaydas - Roasted Potato Bread

Cheddar-Chipotle-Corn Bread

Millet Sunflower

Seedy Viking Rye

King Kamut

Currant Sourdough

Kalamata Olive

Christmas Breads

Oaten Broten

Wedding Breads

It's an honour to be asked to make bread for a wedding, especially for people who find our bread central to their daily lives.

Birth-weight Breads

One of our very favourite things to make is a miche scaled to the birth-weight of a new little bread lover!