Choose from either Tuesday or Thursday.  You may also order from both:

How does it work?

Subscribers pay up-front for a season, generally lasting 16 weeks. You fill out the online form (yup, that big button up there!) selecting your loaves for the duration of the share and then pay in advance for the whole term.  Each week, you stop by our bakery and pick-up exactly the wondrous creation you ordered and enjoy it with your friends and family. It's that simple.

Red is a good colour

In detail

The Wintery BreadShare runs for 16 weeks, and may be joined at any time before the end in early May, 2017.

Shares are flexible, buy as many or few loaves as you wish, skip weeks, whatever works for you and your family!  You need not order bread every week.


Shares are available for pickup only at 535 Woolwich St between the hours of 10 and 6 on Share days.

Should you forget to pick up your bread on the baking day, you may find it the next day between 8am and 5pm, after which we find a good home for it.  Please do still cross your order off the list when you come!



Why join?

Community supported endeavours make a way for artisans and farmers to operate sustainably with a wise mix of traditional and forward thinking skills, low overhead, simple tools and a web of community to uphold them physically and spiritually.  

You never have to worry about that sinking feeling some get when the "Sold Out" sign goes up in our window.  You save about 10% off the retail price of our breads.  And you help us have a solid backbone for our weekly calculations and costs.